Monday, 27 September 2021

Explosion Proof Heating Cables
  Explosion Proof Printers
Explosion Proof Local Control Station
Customized Control Station
Ex-Micro switch
Red Guard System
Ex Mobile Phone PEGASUS


Ex-Mobile Computing
Ex-Temprature Limiter
Linier Temprature Sensor
Ex Electro-Motors
Measurement and data acquisition systems for hazardous fluids (PETRODAT)
Ex-Flashing Lamps

Ex d IIC Tubular Housings & CCTV Systems
PAGA System


Customization of humidity measurement systems
Ex-Humidity measurement
explosion-proof mining plugs and sockets
Lamp Module
Switch Module
explosion-proof flexible pipe connectors
Ex cable glands for armored and unarmored cables, pipe, wire and cable in metal hose
Sleeve joint for flexible hoses MMRn (with hexnut)
OEAP (plastic) and OEAM (aluminum) enclosures for electrotechnical equipment
Explosion-proof adaptor couplings
Light fittings aluminum alloy
Ex-Light fittings with LED
Ex-Light fittings
Ex-Light fittings- High Bay
Ex-Portable LED torchlight


Ex-Street Light Fitting

Ex-Traffic Light
Ex-Terminal boxes (aluminum & Stainless Steel)
Ex-terminal boxes (aluminum)
Ex-Stopping Plugs
Ex-Button Elements
  explosion-proof position switches (aluminum)
explosion-proof pipe fittings


explosion-proof end switches (aluminum)
explosion-proof cable boxes (steel)
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