Monday, 27 September 2021

We take pride in our ability to produce top quality Cement for general construction as well as specialty needs with the highest quality materials. in order to achieve this, we have developed an integrated management system that enables us to monitor and control each step of the process, from the mining and procurement of raw materials to the final grinding ,packing and shipping
Product specification :
our cement company produces various types of ordinary Portland cement according to ASTM C150 & BS EN 197-1 standard specifications as described below
Portland Cement Type(I)
our Portland cement type(I) complies with BS En CEM 1 Class 42.5 N and ASTM C150 type(I) its quality even exceeds the minimum requirements by both standards bye a considerable margin .this general purpose Portland cement is suitable for all uses where special properties of other types are not required
Portland Cement Type (II)
Type (II) Portland cements offer moderate heat of hydration and sulfate resistance. for applications where sulfates in ground waters and /or soil are higher than normal or in mass concrete works where heat of hydration is a concern. our products exceeds the minimum requirement specified bye ASTM C150 for this type of cement
Portland Pozzalan Cement (P.Po Class IP)
Pozzolan is a natural or artificial material containing silica in reactive form. Portland Pozzalan Cement is made bye grinding clinker and gypsum Pozzalan .this product is able to meet BS eN CEM /A-P and ASTM C595 Standard specifications as a rule ,pozzolonic cement develop strength gradually with longer curing period, but nominal strength is obtained at later days. it has has comparatively lower heat of hydration and it can be useful for mass construction .Pozzalan cements also show good resistance to sulfate attack and some other corrosive agents.